We work for sustainable energy solutions and a cleaner world.

Environment, Sustainable Production and Occupational Safety

Tres Enerji's sustainability approach is built on three main elements. These are the environment, sustainable production and occupational health and safety. Producing energy with low carbon emissions by using renewable and clean energy sources and energy efficiency are at the center of Tres Enerji's basic sustainability approach. In addition to these, employee participation, stakeholder participation and sustainable supplier management are also important elements of the sustainability policy.

Continuous improvement in environmental awareness, combating climate change, full compliance with legislation, following national and international standards and innovations, and increasing environmental awareness of employees are among the top corporate priorities. Tres Enerji aims to protect not only the environmental interests of its own facilities, but also the environmental interests of the society at the highest level of awareness with its carbon emissions, efficient resource use, and always preferring renewable and clean raw materials.

Total CO2 Equivalent Emission Reduction (Tonnes)


Climate Change and Energy

The inability to prevent air, water and soil pollution at its source, which arises with the increase in industry and production activities, plays a major role in the basis of climate change. Tres Enerji contributes greatly to energy efficiency and savings with the productions in its cogeneration and trigeneration facilities, and emission emissions are reduced. With its solar power plants, it produces nature-friendly energy with zero carbon emissions.

Within the scope of combating climate change, Tres Enerji continues to work on continuous improvement and environmental awareness, from its management to its employees, from its facilities to business processes.