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Energy Performance Solutions

Tres Enerji
Distributed Power Solutions

Tres Enerji, a subsidiary of Consus Enerji, offers solutions focused on energy production and management with the Energy Performance System (EPS), which is successfully implemented in various countries of the world, with the responsibility of being the leading distributed energy service company (ESCO) of our country.
Tres Enerji, which undertakes all investments in distributed power plants to meet the self- consumption of customers, designs, finances and installs them, also performs all activities, including operation and maintenance, of the facilities it implements on a long-term basis, thus enabling end users to save on energy costs.

Solar power

Tres Enerji solves the energy needs of businesses with efficient and nature-friendly solar power plants.

Cogeneration / Trigeneration

Tres Enerji Cogeneration and Trigeneration plants, which offer high energy efficiency and cost advantage by combining heat and electrical energy solutions, provide uninterrupted energy to businesses.

More than 10 Years
of Experience in Energy Performance Systems

Established in 2012, Tres Enerji aims to enhance the profitability and competitiveness of end user with its "Energy Performance System" business model, without burdening its customers with any additional investment or operational responsibility.

Tres Enerji, which made its first cogeneration investment in Kırklareli, has reached an installed power of 56.1 MW with its investments in different regions of the country.

Tres Enerji meets the electricity, heating and cooling needs of businesses end-to-end by providing solutions and services focused on energy production and management for self-consumption. Tres Enerji, which finances all system investments as well as implementation and operation budgets, designs and implements power plants on a turnkey basis; provides long-term operation and maintenance services.

With the Energy Performance System, Tres Enerji evaluates the detailed analysis of the energy-related data of the corporations, designs the appropriate capacity and technology, installs the most suitable system for the enterprise, operates the system in the long-term, performs all maintenance and repair operations related to the system on a long-term basis, and evaluates the entire energy structure. promises to manage in the most efficient way.

Throughout this process, Tres Enerji aims to increase the profitability of your business by saving on energy bills, to maximize energy diversity and efficiency by using electricity and heat together, and to increase operational efficiency by minimizing labour and quality losses with safe and uninterrupted energy production. It offers a service and solution package that will reduce the effects of network-related power outages, frequency and voltage irregularities.

Turkey and Solar Energy

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Consus Enerji
Turkey's Energy Expert

Consus Enerji, a subsidiary of Global Investment Holdings, leads the energy sector as the energy service company with the largest installed capacity in Turkey, which implements distributed power plants for self-consumption of corporations with the Energy Performance System, in addition to its biomass and solar power plant investments in the field of renewable energy.


Distributed Power

We offer efficient, uninterrupted and economical energy solutions with distributed power plants to industrial establishments and commercial corporations all over Turkey.



We support our farmers from east to west of Anatolia and generate electricity from agricultural residues.


Solar Energy

We know that the future is in renewable energy, we transform the endless power of the sun into electricity.


Electricity Trade

We bring electricity trade, production and service together with the customer.

Investing in the Future with Renewable Energy

Consus Enerji makes new generation energy investments all over Turkey, invests in renewable resources, which is the future of energy, and implements energy solutions needed by industrial organizations and commercial corporations on site.

Tres Enerji

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

Our HR mission is to contribute to the achievement of targeted performance and profitability in line with Tres Enerji's vision, mission and strategies, by increasing employee productivity by creating a competent organization consisting of qualified, highly motivated and committed employees.

 Principles of our Human Resources Policy;

  • Setting strategies centrally, policies locally tailored to the specific needs of our business
  • Establishing an agile, durable and proactive organizational structure
  • Increasing organizational efficiency
  • To create a working environment where mutual trust and respect prevail and communication channels are open and transparent.
  • Promote high employee engagement and performance
  • To constantly review and update human resources strategies and policies by following the changing and developing trends depending on the conditions.
  • To exhibit an approach that is in line with quality policies and standards and sensitive to OHS policy

Open positions

We accept applications for open positions within Tres Enerji from our company pages on

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